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Tributary Productions was formed out of a desire to tell intimate and impactful stories that broaden people's minds and perspectives, and shed light on issues in the environment, politics, technology, and culture.


We've been lucky enough to work around the world making original and commissioned documentaries, telling stories about and becoming friends with people from all walks of life and countless cultures. And we've seen first hand how elevating the stories of these incredible subjects can inspire social movements and make change.

We'd love to the chance to work with you and tell your story, so please get in touch.

Aaron Kalischer-Coggins

Director, Executive Producer

Aaron is an award-winning documentary filmmaker based in Washington, DC. Before founding Tributary Productions, he made short documentaries for Discovery, Inc., AJ+, HuffPost, The Hill, and more. Originally from Western Massachusetts, he loves hiking, biking, climbing, and cooking. He's trying to learn to surf, but it's taking a while...

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Katie Monteleone

Producer, Researcher

Megan is an experienced producer and researcher with a background in international human rights and logistics. She has studied indigenous rights in Latin America, and has a BA from Harvard College in Social Studies. She is an avid yoga practitioner and teacher, and loves being in nature. 

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