THE RIVER GUARDS (short documentary, January 2020)

Faced with the enormous environmental and health crisis of a contaminated river and city,

"The River Guards" tells the intimate story of a dedicated community of grassroots activists

fighting against corporate negligence and government bureaucracy for over 30 years,

and how they are dealing with the uncertain future.

World Premiere: 2020 DC Environmental Film Fest

Press: WAMC Interview

Berkshire Eagle

ALEX MORSE FOR CONGRESS (campaign videos)

We created broadcast and digital campaign ads for Alex Morse,

the 31 year old progressive mayor running against an establishment incumbent in Massachusetts. 

MAN ON THE MOUNTAIN (short documentary, 2019)

Client: Discovery, Inc.

Billy Gene Ellis is the oldest fire lookout in the US. Every day, the 87-year-old makes the trek

to the top of Devil's Head Fire Tower and scans the horizon for hours. It's a hard job, but not a lonely one. 


Produced as part of the Earth Is My Office series.


Client: Discovery, Inc.

Heather North is the Oyster Restoration Specialist for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation,

where she is helping to restore the oyster population - a critical component of the ecosystem.

Produced as part of the Earth Is My Office series.

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